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- TotemTango -
- TotemTango -
First prize_edited.png

And if all that

surrounds you were

in balance?

Him, her and their world

suspended on colored bricks ... between jumps,

pirouettes and throws, moments

of suspense will fill

those instabilities.

A dialogue at the last

interlocking that only

a passionate tango

can crown!

First prize_edited.png
Idea: Pallotto Matteo
Interpreters: Irene Contadini and Pallotto Matteo
Assistant director / artistic consultant: Andrè Casaca
Spaces for creation: C'art Theater, Csoa Sisma
Co-production: I beneandanti
Locandina mini
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mattoncino giallo_edited.png

Genre: circus-theater

Techniques: acrobatics, clowneriè, visual comedy

Bizarre techniques: construction, destruction ...

and tango

Duration: short version of about 30 minutes

Language: mute

Interaction with the public: yes but without volunteers

Ideal locations: protected spaces, squares, intimate places

mattoncino rosso_edited_edited.png
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